James Silvers Portfolio

Graphic Designer, Artist & Animator

James Silvers Portfolio

Dream sequence for the Silent Spy

Her Interactive Kickstarter Trailer

The ghost disinigrates in Ghost of Thornton Hall

Tesla machine lightning special effects for The Deadly Device

Trailer for ND#24 The Captive Curse

Title Animation for Warnings at Waverly Academy

Title Animation for Ransom of the Seven Ships

Trailer for ND #25 Alibi in Ashes

Title Animation for Shadow at the Water’s Edge

A sandstorm made for Tomb of the Lost Queen

Title Animation for the Haunting of Castle Malloy

A house fire in Ghost of Thornton Hall

Backstory Animation 1

Backstory Animation 2

Backstory Animation 3

A fire end game animation from the Alibi in Ashes

Special Effects and animations made in After Effects.

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