James Silvers Portfolio

Graphic Designer, Artist & Animator

James Silvers Portfolio


Wall A

Wall B

Wall C

Wall D

Wall E

Senet table

Senet game texture map

game table texture

The Tesla Lab

The Tesla Lab

Floor custom texture map for the Tesla Lab in The Deadly Device

Decal texture for the Tesla Lab in The Deadly Device

A custom map for the floor plug in The Deadly Device

Trim Sheet for the metal walls in The Deadly Device

The Lounge

Custom wall map for the Lounge

The hidden Study

Custom floor texture

Custom door textures


Bedroom fireplace


trim sheet

The Cellar


trim sheet

Puzzle Palace floor logo

Puzzle Palace Monitor

Symbols puzzle

Power puzzle

Word Search puzzle

Image puzzle

The Greek Amphitheater

Custom map for main floor

book cover

Images puzzle

Buttons puzzle

the wings of the amphitheater

Theater poster

Theater poster

Light board puzzle

Password puzzle

Hands Puzzle

The town of Skipbrot

The town of Skipbrot

Signs for business of the town

Signs for business of the town

The Deck of the Heerlijkheid

Wheel puzzle

Captain’s Quarters

Dial puzzle

Pyramid puzzle

Squares puzzle

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